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 Paver Repair Services

Nothing that remains exposed to the elements will look like new forever. Over time, your beautiful brick landscape pavers will lose their seal, the surface can settle and become uneven. A surface that is compromised in this way can be dangerous to walk on and can retain surface water, causing further damage and erosion.

Fixing your pavers can be nerve wracking and back breaking, even for the most experienced DIY homeowner. A professional job will ensure that your paver stones will stay where you want them. Getting it done right the first time is essential to obtaining a lasting result.

Elegant Pavers offers professional paver repair services that are second to none – in fact, we can’t think of anybody who is more dedicated to quality paver repairs than we are. We know that neglecting your paver problems will only make them worse, and you could possibly end up needing a complete paver replacement.

In business since 2001, our paver repair services include:

Replacing broken pavers

Lifting areas that have settled

Releveling low spots, high spots or shifted pavers

Rebuilding steps, sitting walls and retaining walls that have settled

Identify and solve drainage issues that might affect the paver system

Replacing failing plastic edging(the black edge restraint around pavers)

We take great pride in what we do. Making your paver design look new again is what we do best, but that’s not all: we are also pleased to provide a full suite of paver maintenance services to suit your specific needs.