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The paving stones are resistant and durable, which makes them an excellent choice for access roads, patios and any other part of your home or commercial property. However, over time, these stones or bricks may be damaged or their colors may fade. Our Elegant Pavers team can quickly remove any damaged unit, replacing it with carefully combined new units.

Damaged Or Broken Pavers

Because these stones and tiles are designed to be used throughout the year, they can suffer wear and tear like any other surface. Contributing factors such as extreme temperatures, extremely heavy traffic, or lack of brick sealant can cause the bricks to fracture and the colors to fade. This damage can be generalized or limited to a single area of ​​your property; In any case, our Elegant Pavers team is ready to help.

Replacement Made Simple

One of the many advantages pavers have over stamped concrete is that we can easily replace only one area at a time, even unit after unit if necessary. You can remove bricks or broken stones without disturbing your neighboring units, which means that we can quickly return your access road, patio or walkway to a perfect state. Our Elegant Pavers team of professionals will ensure that your new pavers are safely installed and sealed along with the rest of the surface, giving you an attractive and durable surface that you can count on for many years to come.

We respect your design

Our team has access to a large number of styles, colors and shapes of pavers, which allows us to adapt to the existing design of your property. We will carefully test the replacement pavers against the bricks we are replacing.

We will restore in a day

If your property has some broken bricks that need replacement, or an entire area that has been discolored by the sun, our team of professionals can restore it to its original and beautiful condition.